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Linhui International Academy was founded in 2018, and has been expanding globally in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. With the goal of becoming the world’s largest teaching platform, we are committed to keeping the original The original intention of the establishment is to teach every student from the shallower to the deeper, and to design and provide the correct learning environment and experience according to the needs of each customer, so that the learning is more international and diverse.


Professional team leads global students

Abundant learning options, we provide a diversified teaching system,

Professional and mature teaching teachers, respect the needs of every customer, every customer,

Create the best learning environment and look at the world.

Learning and environment

At Linhui International Academy, more than 100 students sign up for the Academy courses every month. We firmly believe that "mastering information" is the key to planning a career. The Academy covers foreign exchange, wealth flow, finance, investment, spirituality, English and other courses. , Provide relevant knowledge and insights, and hope to spread more learning knowledge in Taiwan. We hope to create a high-quality and "efficient" learning environment and bring more diverse practical courses.


Mission and vision

We believe that life is not only for the pursuit of survival, but also for more self-realization and satisfaction. With years of teaching experience, we provide correct investment concepts and professional knowledge. Deepen the breadth and depth of your learning. In the future, we will continue to introduce more diversified courses to change the income model of more people. We inspire and change lives, encourage everyone to help those around us, so that they have abilities beyond imagination. , A full and beautiful life is no longer just a slogan.


Culture and persistence

We focus on helping to improve people’s financial management methods and provide universal knowledge and training. We all know that the farthest distance in the world is from “knowing” to “doing”, so we are more focused on letting students get results and gather The best, the most enthusiastic, and the most mission-oriented group of people, let the students learn faster, start action faster, have more powerful tools, if you think you deserve a better life, be ready to do Change, welcome to join our family of Linhui International Academy.


Complete teaching platform

You can become an expert from a little white


Professional teachers

Hands-on teaching


Powerful tool system

Complete teaching system


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